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Recent Faculty & Grad Student Publications

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Several UGA Department of Philosophy faculty members and graduate students have published books, chapters, and articles in recent months:

  • Distinguished Research Professor Richard Dien Winfield authored Universal Biology after Aristotle, Kant, & Hegel: The Philosopher’s Guide to Life in the Universe (Palgrave MacMillan), drawing upon the work of three iconic thinkers to develop a philsopher’s guide to life in the universe via a biospheric framework.
  • Department Head Aaron Meskin co-authored Opposite: Poems, Philosophy & Coffee (Valley Press) with award-winning poet & novelist Helen Mort. This collaboration offers a poet’s exploration of philosophical texts, with responses from the philosophers. Meskin also edited Once Upon a Time: Essays in the Philosophy of Literature (Rowman & Littlefield), a collection of essays by Peter Kivy, emeritus professor of philosophy at Rutgers University. This volume explores the art of storytelling and questions the novel’s role as a source of human knowledge.
  • Associate Professor O. Bradley Bassler authored Kant, Shelley and the Visionary Critique of Metaphysics (Palgrave MacMillan), fusing together critical philosophy and visionary poetry in developing a model for future philosophical endeavor. Bassler has also self-released a collection of poems entitled Operating Manuals in the Dark (Gauss PDF). 
  • Distinguished Research Professor and Josiah Meigs Teaching Professor Edward Halper has several recent publications including  “The Metaphysics of the Syllogism” in Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (2018), the chapter “Anger and Divine Perfection” in The Question of God's Perfection: Jewish and Christian Essays on the God of the Bible and Talmud (Brill), “The Currency of Virtue: Phaedo 68c-69d” in Proceedings of the Eleventh Symposium Platonicum (Academica Verlag), and “Aristotle's Moral Realism: Phronesis in Nicomachean Ethics6,” in Passionate Mind: Essays in Honor of John M. Rist (Nomos Publishing).
  • Associate Professor Piers Stephens’ essay, “Nature. Liberty and Ontology: Why Nature Experience Still Exists and Matters in the Anthropocene” was published in Liberty and the Ecological Crisis: Freedom on a Finite Planet (Routledge), collection of essays edited by Christopher J. Orr, Kristen Kish and Jennings.
  • Professor Beth Preston has an entry entitled "Artifact" in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as well as two forthcoming book chapters: "Artifacts" in the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering (Routledge), and "The Epistemic Role of Technical Functions" in the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology (Oxford University Press). 
  • Professor Chris Cuomo recently published and essay, “Marilyn Thie and the Sanctuary of Feminist Philosophy” in Women and Religion, Philosophy and Feminism (Colgate University Press). Cuomo also has a review essay on the film Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, directed by Thorsten Schütte in the Summer 21019 issue of Italian American Review
  • Associate Professor Melissa Seymour Fahmy has an article, “On Virtues of Love and Wide Ethical Duties” in a recent issue of Kantian Review as well as a chapter “Love in Kant and the Enlightenment."
  • Associate Professor Sarah Wright’s article "Epistemic Harm and Virtues of Self-evaluation" is forthcoming in Synthese.
  • PhD student Chris Byron published several articles and chapters recently: "“Hume, Kant, and Feuerbach: Why the Anthropomorphic Critique Reveals a False Dilemma Between Naturalistic Atheism and Anti-Naturalistic Theism” with Jesse Lopes and “Why God Is Most Assuredly Evil: Challenging the Evil God Challenge,” both in recent issues of Think; also “Fifteen Million Merits and Fighting Capitalism: How Can we Resist?” a chapter in Black Mirror and  Philosophy, edited by D.K. Johnson (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming).
  • PhD student Michael Lindquist's paper “Aesthetics at the Intersection of the Species Problem and De-Extinction” was recently accepted for publication in the journal Environmental Values.
  • PhD student Justin Simpson's paper "The Significance of Contingency and Detours in Hans Blumenberg's Philosophical Anthropology" was published in the January 2020 edition of the journal Metaphilosophy.
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