The Horace B. Russell Prize is an award of $200 given annually by the Philosophy Department for the best undergraduate paper in ethics written for a class during the preceding calendar year. The Psychology Department also awards a $200 prize for a paper in psychology out of this fund.

Philosophy papers are nominated by instructors of record in the Philosophy Department who have taught undergraduate ethics classes at any level during the preceding calendar year. Each such instructor of record may nominate one or two papers. The nominees are not required to be philosophy majors or minors.


Application Process

Instructors of record should submit nominations via email by 5:00 pm, Friday, April 10, 2020 to Yuri Balashov at Papers written for ethics courses taken in calendar year 2019 are eligible. Nominations should include:

  • A brief letter of nomination stating the name of the student, title of their paper, course title and semester in which the paper was written, and contact information for the student, including their email address.
  • A copy of the nominated paper.
Selection Process

Scholarship recipients shall be selected by the Philosophy Department Awards Committee.