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Yuri Balashov (Ph.D. University of Notre Dame) has a background in physics as well as philosophy and is particularly interested in erasing the boundary between them. His recent work attempts to bring broadly-empirical considerations to bear on important issues in contemporary analytic metaphysics, including the ontology of time, persistence, and material composition. This includes physics-inspired arguments defending four-dimensionalism, the view that material objects are extended in time as well as space and persist through time much like roads and rivers "persist" through space.  The debate about persistence is becoming increasingly focused on two topics in formal ontology, parthood and location. Dr. Balashov is becoming increasingly interested in them too. He is also interested in philosophy of science, philosophy of language, (serious) music, and (increasingly) skiing.

Recent publications include:

“Experiencing the Present” in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (2015)

“On the Invariance and Intrinsicality of Four-Dimensional Shapes in Special Relativity” in Analysis (2014)

"Do Composite Objects Have an Age in Relativistic Spacetime?" in Philosophia Naturalis (2012)

"Persistence" in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time (2011)

Persistence and Spacetime (2010)

"About Stage Universalism" in  Philosophical Quarterly  (2007)

"Times of Our Lives: Negotiating the Presence of Experience" in American Philosophical Quarterly (2005)

“On Vagueness, 4D and Diachronic Universalism” in Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2005)

Courses regularly taught:

FYOS 1001, PHIL 2010, PHIL 2500, PHIL 3600, PHIL 4300/6300, PHIL 8300, PHIL 8400

Research Interests:
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Language
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