Lavender, Myers, and Newman awarded scholarships

During a ceremony in May, four undergraduate students were recognized with departmental scholarships and awards. Jordan Lavender received the Frank R. Harrison, III Scholarship as well as the Richard H. Severens Scholarship; Aaron Newman received the Daniel Hart Memorial Scholarship; and Emily Myers was awarded the Horace Russell Prize.

Undergraduate coordinator and Distinguished Research Professor, Dr. Frank R. Harrison presided over the event with a few words of wisdom for the students: “In your private life you will have many possible roles such as citizen, friend, spouse, partner, parent—and most importantly being a good human being.  You have learned, and mastered, much that is of essential importance in success here.” Application deadlines for the Hart and Harrison scholarships are due in April. Visit the department of philosophy website for more information.


Winfield publishes seventeenth book, attends Hegel Congress

Distinguished Research Professor, Richard Dien Winfield’s latest book, Hegel and the Future of Systematic Philosophy is available from Palgrave Macmillan, while his 2010 book, Hegel and Mind: Rethinking Philosophical Psychology was recently released in paperback, also by Palgrave Macmillan. In April Dr. Winfield attended the 30th International Hegel Congress in Vienna to present his paper, "Being and Idea."


Department to host Metaphysical Society of America 2015 Annual Meeting

The Metaphysical Society of America’s 2015 annual meeting will be hosted by the UGA department of philosophy April 17-19, 2015. Dr. Richard Dien Winfield is the current MSA president and will be hosting the event as well as delivering a presidential address on "Self-Determination in Logic and Reality.” Dr. Edward Halper, a resent past president of MSA, will deliver a paper on "Self-Determination as a First Principle." Recent Ph.D. graduate Gregory Moss will also deliver a paper on "The Concept as Self-Determination: Hegel on the Conceivability of Self-Determination" for which he has been awarded the 2015 Aristotle Prize, for the best paper submitted to the Metaphysical Society of America annual meeting by a young scholar.

Stephens at Carson CenterStephens visits Carson Center

Associate professor, Piers Stephens (in photo at right) won a place as a funded presenter for the Rachel Carson Center's workshop “The Greening of Everyday Life: Reimagining Environmentalism in Post-Industrial Societies” in Munich, Germany in June 2014. Stephens presented his paper, “The Tragedy of the Uncommon: Property, Possession, and Belonging in Community Gardens.” He was also invited to present the same paper for the Monash University Law School's study abroad program in Prato, Italy a few days later. 


Professor Chuck Cross's paper "A Logical Transmission Principle for Conclusive Reasons" has been accepted for publication by the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.


Professor Yuri Balashov's article "On the Invariance and Intrinsicality of Four-Dimensional Shapes in Special Relativity" appeared in the October 2014 issue of Analysis.


Recent Ph.D. graduates accept positions

Daniel Bloom has accepted a tenure track job at West Texas A&M University. Greg Moss has taken a full-time lecturer position at Clemson University.


Luke JohnsonJohnson publishes and presents multiple papers, teaches online, awarded scholarship

Ph.D. candidate Luke Johnson (right) has three contributions to Volume 18 of Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources (edited by Steven M. Emmanuel, William McDonald and Jon Stewart) including “Edward Harris, Man’s Ontological Predicament: A Detailed Analysis of Soren Kierkegaard’s Concept of Sin with Special Reference to The Concept of Dread” and “J. Heywood Thomas, Subjectivity and Paradox: A Study of Kierkegaard.” He also served as co-editor/author of “English Bibliography” in this volume.

Recent presentations by Johnson include: “Kierkegaard in Community (Audio/Visual Art Installation)”at the Georgia Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Conference held in February at UGA; “The Dry Salvages and Temporality: A philosopher, untrained in the art of poetic analysis, examines the conception of time in Eliot’s celebrated poem” at the UGA English Graduate Organization Conference in March; “Kierkegaard and Faith,” a Special Presentation of the Patrick Henry College Socratic in March; and “Kierkegaard and Faith Part II: A Special Reflection on Happiness and Ideal Christian Love” a Special Presentation of the Patrick Henry College Socratic Club in April.

Additionally, Johnson has served as a teaching assistant during fall of 2013 and 2014 for the online class, Soren Kierkegaard-Subjectivity, Irony, and the Crisis of Modernity, Coursera/University of Copenhagen. Johnson also was a visiting scholar at the University of London’s 2014 T.S. Eliot International Summer School Academic Programme.


Pugliese receives award and grants, presents in Brazil

Ph.D. candidate Nastassja Pugliese recently received the Graduate Research Award from the Willson Center for Humanities and Art for her dissertation project on Spinoza’s theory of imagination. This award enabled her to attend the 11th International Spinoza Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in November 2014 where she will serve both as an organizing committee member and as a paper presenter. As part of the organizing committee of this conference, Pugliese received a grant from the Dutch Consulate in Rio de Janeiro to bring Prof. Wim Klever (Emeritus, Erasmus University in Rotterdam) as the keynote speaker of the conference. Pugliese also recently traveled to Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil to give a lecture.


Brad PattyPatty receives award

Ph.D. candidate Brad Patty (right) was awarded the Metaphysical Society of America's "Aristotle Prize" during their annual conference held at Williams College in April for "The Form is the Thing," a paper treating the viability of a new hylomorphic metaphysics.


Chackal presents papers, receives award

Ph.D. candidate Tony Chackal presented several papers in recent months. "The Individual, Autonomy, and The Problem of Choice" was presented at the Food Sovereignty panel sessions at the Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference at University of Kentucky in February; "The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Replication: Record Collecting as a Focal Practice" was presented at the Pop Culture Association-American Culture Association in Chicago in April; "The Individual, Autonomy, and The Problem of Choice" was presented at the Work Shop on Food Justice at Michigan State University in May; "Toward an Understanding of Material Culture on Moral Relationships" was presented at the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy Conference at the University of Waterloo in Ontario in August. Chackal was also recently awarded “Best Graduate Student Paper” and a $750 travel fund to present "On the Illegality Condition in Street Art" at the "Art in and of the Streets" conference hosted by NYU/Pratt Institute in March 2015.


Portman publishes, presents papers

Ph.D. candidate Anne Portman's paper, "Mother Nature Has It Right: Local Food Advocacy and the Appeal to the 'Natural'", was published in the June 2014 issue of Ethics & the Environment. Portman also presented work in the area of food ethics at the Dimensions of Political Ecology conference at the University of Kentucky in February, and at the Workshop on Food Justice at Michigan State University in May.


Recent publications from Byron

Ph.D. candidate Christopher Byron recently published three articles: "Applying Species-Being to the Workplace" in Critique: A Journal of Socialist Theory; “Dangerous Liaisons: The Marriages and Divorces of Marxism and Feminism” online at; and “Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach” in the Journal of Critical Realism.


Christiansen presents papers

Ph.D. candidate Erich Christiansen recently presented papers at two conferences this past summer.  In May he presented, “What Do We Owe to the Dead?  The Ontology and Ethics of Mourning" at the Derrida Today Conference held at Fordham Law School in New York City.  In June, he delivered "Sartre: Race, Essence, and the Universal" at the Diverse Lineages of Existentialism conference in St. Louis, MO.


Isadora Mosch, Ph.D. candidate, presented her paper, "Visionary Philosophy" at the 66th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington in November.


Ph.D. candidate Anthony Shiver’s paper, "How do you say ‘everything is ultimately composed of atoms’?" has been accepted for publication at Philosophical Studies​.


Tess Varner, Ph.D. candidate, has been appointed as the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy's liaison to the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association.


Ph.D. candidates Emre Ebeturk and Nathan Wood have been granted Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards from the department.


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